A warm welcome to all prospective and current InterNapa students! This website was primarily designed and build around a chief purpose. To best inform students about our offered courses and successfully guide them throught-out their College Registration Procedure.

Here you will find detailed analysis of each offered course along with its purpose and employments opportunities it can offer.

Through this website we aim to best guide through the whole cycle of your College registration; from applying online to us to arranging accommodation and pick up dates.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the renewed website of InterNapa College that we hope will address most of your queries about our college. If you are a prospective student exploring for educational opportunities you will be able to get a good idea about our programs and our attitude toward education.

My colleagues and I are determined to maintain a college that provides high quality student centered education. We know that our success depends on a strong partnership with our students and we will spare no effort to uphold that. It is our conviction that with the contribution of serious students like you we will continue to be a college of excellence, where students from different parts of the world will come to learn, explore new ideas, and acquire the knowledge and skills for a bright future.

We look forward to the opportunity of seeing you at InterNapa College.

George Takkas
Managing Director

Dear Prospective Student
I would like to wish you a warm welcome to InterNapa College.

Here at InterNapa, we aim to offer our students a quality learning environment through our dedicated faculty who possess both excellent qualifications and a wealth of professional experience. We offer an education that provides students with academic skills coupled with practical know-how needed to succeed in today’s modern world.

Our College is located close to Ayia Napa, one of the major tourist hot spots of Europe and its programs are catered primarily towards careers in the hospitality industry offering career opportunities in hotels, restaurants, tourism and business. These programs offer a strong vocational background at the diploma level for those who wish to start in supervisory roles and more advanced academic courses for those who wish to obtain a bachelor degree for future positions in management. Both the hospitality and culinary programs offer internship opportunities allowing students to gain valuable practical experience and therefore best prepare for their future challenges.

We look forward to your presence.

Dr Nicos Anastasiou
Academic Director