InterNapa College is a private institution of Higher Education in Sotira, Cyprus. It is registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus to award its own Bachelor, Diploma and Certificate degrees.

The College was established in 2003 by Mr. George Takkas under the name G.Takkas Educational College with the purpose of providing a high standard of tertiary education on a broad, liberal and modern basis. In 2007, in an effort to evolve, the name of the College was changed to InterNapa College (INC).

The first academic year commenced with two-year Diploma Programs in Business Administration and Office Administration. Since then, new programs have been introduced and INC currently offers a total of 8 programs.

Throughout the years, InterNapa College has achieved an outstanding reputation in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Business Administration and Culinary Arts. Furthermore, it has managed to build links with many universities worldwide for further studies and to co-operate with professional bodies locally.




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